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Butcher, baker, movie maker? Now anyone can be a film investor. | 130 Agency

Butcher, baker, movie maker? Now anyone can be a film investor.

March 15, 2018




Inspiring Story of Faith Overcoming Disappointment and the Power of Kindness;

Producers Seek Micro-Investors for the $1 Million-Plus Film


ATLANTA—March 15, 2018—Based on an inspiring true story, KIND KATIE launches its online equity crowdfunding campaign—the first time a faith film employs this innovative, new method of raising money.

“A family of four can see a movie and enjoy popcorn and a Coke for about $100, or that same family could invest in a film and help make it a reality,” said Jon G. Graham, the film’s co-writer and co-producer. “We’re breaking new ground. We’re building a model for film investment that is sure to impact entertainment in the long run—and immediately, it will bring this amazing story to the screen.”


KIND KATIE tells the true-life story of Katie Beth Carter, who dreamed of becoming a Marching Ballerina at Jacksonville State University. Unexpected disappointments and challenges filled her senior year of high school and seemed to derail those dreams . . . only to lead her to a life of greater impact. She made the team and danced in one university game before her tragic death on Labor Day 2016.

In a move exemplary of her life, Katie chose to participate in a mission trip, even though it appeared to end her dream of dancing as a Marching Ballerina. She had encouraged others to go on the trip and felt the only way ahead with integrity was to go as well. In the wake of her death, the amazing outpouring of love and mission service by her friends inspired the film and led to a school built in her honor in Tomas Borge, Nicaragua.

Crowd-sourced funding offers a common way to raise money through individual donations to a project via an online platform. Equity crowdfunding is different. A recent change in federal law allows actual investment through crowdfunding in a project such as KIND KATIE.

“Now, anyone can be part of the team bringing this inspiring, uplifting story to families in theaters, in homes, streaming and more,” said Joshua W. Sims, co-writer and co-producer.

KIND KATIE’s equity crowdfunding campaign is hosted on the StartEngine platform. There you’ll find extensive information about equity crowdfunding for the film, the true story of Katie’s life, her amazing legacy, her family’s reaction to the film, news about KIND KATIE and much more.

Additionally, Graham, Sims and the production team for this feature-length film assembled an all-star lineup of consultants to shepherd the project through the production process including Drew Waters (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, Breaking Bad, NEW LIFE, THE REDEMPTION OF HENRY MYERS), Erin Bethea (NEW LIFE, FIREPROOF) and Chad Gundersen (Owlegories, HOOVIE, THE TRIAL, National Bible Bee Game Show).

The best place for the latest information about equity crowdfunding KIND KATIE is the StartEngine website at: https://www.startengine.com/kindkatie.

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