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Five Reasons Why Tom Cruise is Still Sexy. You'll Never Believe No. 4! | 130 Agency

Five Reasons Why Tom Cruise is Still Sexy. You’ll Never Believe No. 4!

August 1, 2017

How better to inaugurate the Lovell-Fairchild blog than a sweep-every-corner headline. Manipulation in 140 characters or fewer. If it worked on you, Readers, it’s because this headline has the click-bait Big Four:

  1. Celebrity Name
  2. List
  3. Allusion to Sex
  4. A “You’ll never believe” (Case by case, “You’ll never believe” may be substituted with “Wait’ll you see.”)

What you can believe is what you read in “Good to Know,” the blog name so wide, so encompassing, so given to real news, that anything we choose to write falls inbounds.

The “Good to Know” opening salvo is a serious salute to Glen Nishimura, a USA Today writer/editor we were privileged to work with. From there, the topics fan out to include original art, obscure facts, less-obscure facts, hunting tips, grammar enlightenment (you’ll thank me) . . . guaranteed to compel cuts and pastes with under-the-breath exclamations of good to know.

You’re welcome. And wait’ll you see what comes next.