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Jim Denison Releases New Book: How to Be a Civil Person in an Uncivil Time | 130 Agency

Jim Denison Releases New Book: How to Be a Civil Person in an Uncivil Time

August 18, 2020

‘Respectfully, I Disagree’
Practical, Biblical and Pastoral Insight for Christians to Discuss Issues They Are Passionate About with Respect in Today’s Hyper-Divided Culture
DALLAS – Aug. 18, 2020 – A vital new book from Jim Denison, founder of the Denison Forum and noted cultural commentator, offers Christians a biblically-based “how-to” for communicating spiritual truth to a world all too ready to argue with it.
Respectfully, I Disagree: How to Be a Civil Person in an Uncivil Time debuts Sept. 15 from the Denison Forum.
“Two out of three Americans consider civility to be a major problem in our country today, and only 7 percent say it is not a problem at all,” Denison said, citing a recent survey by Weber Shandwick. “We are entering an election season marked by the deepest political divisions in living memory. Animosity toward those with whom we disagree is escalating to denigrating and dangerous levels. It is difficult for any nation to survive if its citizens see each other as enemies of that nation and its future.”
Respectfully, I Disagree offers insight and answers to questions dogging so many people today.
  • Who is to blame for our culture being so divided today?
  • What is “cancel culture”?
  • How can anyone really change the culture?
  • How should we respond to people who are uncivil to us? Stand for our rights and values? Turn the other cheek?
Respectfully, I Disagree clearly demonstrates why we should become people of civility in a season of conflict. Denison lays out three primary steps to making it happen.
First, understand the priority of civility: How did we get here and answering the divisive but urgent question: Is America a Christian nation?
Second, exploring the person of civility, discovering ways to live out Christian values and practice the spiritual disciplines that transform lives and relationships.
Finally, turning to the practice of civility, defining ways to change culture and learning how to be civil with uncivil people.
“Respectfully, I Disagree is filled with biblical truth and practical wisdom,” Denison said. “It offers us the promise of a better future, one in which we can disagree with respect and forge a culture of commonality and grace.”
Respectfully, I Disagree is among the numerous resources available from the Denison Forum. Since its founding in 2009, the Denison Forum has thoughtfully engaged the issues of the day from a biblical perspective. Through The Daily Article, delivered by email and social media; The Daily Article podcast; and numerous books, Jim Denison speaks and writes on cultural and contemporary issues where faith and current events intersect. His goal is to provide insight for Christians to understand current issues and share God’s word in a changing culture. The Denison Forum reaches 1.8 million people monthly in more than 226 countries each day.
Jim Denison holds masters and doctoral degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and served 11 years as pastor of the 10,000-member Park Cities Baptist Church in Dallas. He is the co-founder and chief visionary officer of the Denison Forum. He also serves as Resident Scholar for Ethics with Baylor Scott & White Health.
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