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New book urges readers to happen to life | 130 Agency New book urges readers to happen to life | 130 Agency

New book urges readers to happen to life

February 16, 2021

From First15 CEO Craig Denison –
Develop a Personal Rule for the Life You Want to Live
DALLAS – Feb. 16, 2021 – With the overly busy lives so many live today, a new book – Living Intentionally – explores how developing a “Rule for Life” can open the door to a transformative experience that creates intentionality for what matters most.
“Simply put, a Rule for Life is a set of decisions that, when strung together, seeks to create your preferred future,” said Craig Denison, CEO of First15 daily devotional ministry. “This resource helps you take a step back from the day-to-day and imagine what a more intentional life could look like – a real-time opportunity to create a simple, personal and powerful framework for the life you most want to live.”
Living Intentionally – subtitled Finding Meaning with a Modern Rule for Life – guides readers to develop their own overarching goal. As Denison describes it, it is knowing the destination before establishing the route to get there.
Finding the route to that desired goal explores these major facets of life and the practices with which people approach them:
  • Spirituality
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Media Consumption
  • Activity
  • Generosity
Together, the facets and practices serve as a system or structure of support that, when crafted with intentionality, serves to free people to develop their desired life.
“Life is too short to let things just happen to us. There is too much opportunity for joy, for purpose, to see the beauty of heaven come to earth to simply go through the motions of life,” Denison said. “There is a better way. We can choose how we spend our precious time and energy. We can discover that which God has called us and uniquely wired us for. And we can create an intentional guide that simplifies our process of living intentionally and meaningfully every day.”
Monthly, 1.6 million readers get to know God more deeply through Craig’s First15 devotionals. Craig Denison also serves as CEO of Denison Ministries, whose brands include Denison Forum, First15 and Christian Parenting.
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