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New Theatrical Film, ‘NEVER AGAIN?’ Confronts Anti-Semitic Racism | 130 Agency

New Theatrical Film, ‘NEVER AGAIN?’ Confronts Anti-Semitic Racism

June 25, 2020

Feature Film Exposes Current Global Rise of Anti-Semitism;
In Theaters Nationwide for Two Nights Only Oct. 13 & 15
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – June 25, 2020 – This year has brought a dramatic rise in anti-Semitism’s prevalence and brutality. The nation’s largest pro-Israel organization – Christians United for Israel – brings to light this crisis in their new documentary NEVER AGAIN?, premiering in movie theaters nationwide for two nights only Oct. 13 and 15 through Fathom Events.
NEVER AGAIN? is a feature-length documentary about the horrors of anti-Semitism and the power of survival and redemption. Viewers will journey with a Holocaust survivor (Irving Roth) and a formerly radicalized anti-Semite (Kasim Hafeez) into the depths of darkness shining a bright light on the world’s greatest genocide and the bigotry alive still today.
His life changed overnight, Irving explained. “One day I’m carrying my friends books and she said ‘I don’t want you to carry my books anymore. My father told me not to be friendly with the Jew, socially it’s unacceptable and it’s evil. You as a Jew are responsible for everything that goes wrong in the world.’ Thus begins the transformation of society on an individual basis. I haven’t changed, but the world is changing around me. And thus begins the slippery slope of persecution of Jews.”
As a boy, Kasim grew up in a radical Islamist household in the United Kingdom. He was taught to hate, becoming a radicalized anti-Semite with abhorrence for the Jewish people and the State of Israel. Yet, while he sympathized with violent extremists he could not shake his intellectual curiosity and his basic humanity.
Kasim flew to the Holy Land in Israel to confirm his hate, but he quickly discovered the Jewish state was not inhabited by accursed, inhumane monsters. Instead, he found a multi-ethnic, multi-religious society that welcomed him on his journey to find the truth.
Meeting with archeologists, historians and religious leaders throughout Israel, Kasim finds a new passion: love. On his personal journey he meets Irving Roth, a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor of Auschwitz and Buchenwald, with a personal mission to carry his story to the next generation. As Kasim and Irving’s divergent paths come together, Irving’s ability to forgive and Kasim’s ability to change bring these two very different men to a common purpose: to stand united, to educate others, and to speak the truth.
“What terrifies me is the level of apathy among ordinary people. Good people who care about their communities and causes that don’t directly relate to them but want the world to become a better place,” said Kasim. “There’s such great apathy when it comes to the Jewish people and Jews being attacked. I don’t understand why. I’m not going to brand every person as an anti-Semite, and I also think people just don’t know and that’s something I can’t remain silent about because it’s wrong. Whether you believe in God or not, you are accountable for what you do.”
“Viewers will learn about the history of anti-Semitism and come to understand why all of us, regardless of faith or political persuasion, have a responsibility to keep the promise of NEVER AGAIN?,” said Producer Rick Eldridge, CEO of ReelWorks Studios
Teaming up with leading experts and filmmakers from Dr. Deborah Lipstat to Ambassador Michael Oren to Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Christians United for Israel tells these two stories, to change the racist systems and patterns the Jewish community endures, and say “never again.”
“It meets the audience where they are, engaging them in a modern and cutting-edge manner. If we’re not to see history repeat itself, we must ensure the next generation learns the lessons of the past,” said CUFI co-executive director Shari Dollinger.
From Director Calvin Aurand, NEVER AGAIN? is written by Rick Eldridge and Calvin Aurand and is produced by Rick Eldridge. Executive producers are Sandra Parker and Shari Dollinger, and the film is from Christians United for Israel, ReelWorks Studios, distributed by Fathom Events.
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NEVER AGAIN? is a feature-length documentary about the horrors of anti-Semitism and the power of survival and redemption. You will go on a journey with a Holocaust survivor into the depths of darkness and surface in the light. You will also travel deep down the dark and twisted path once taken by a formerly radicalized anti-Semite and join him as he describes his journey and defends Israel on the world’s stage. This October 13 and 15 theaters nationwide will shed the spotlight on this modern-day hatred and bring you a newfound awareness of the power we have today to say “For Zion’s sake, we will not rest or be silent. NEVER AGAIN.”
About CUFI
With more than 8 million members, Christians United for Israel is the largest pro-Israel organization in the United States and one of the leading Christian grassroots movements in the world. CUFI spans all 50 states and reaches millions with its educational message. For more information visit CUFI.org.
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ReelWorks Studios, LLC was founded by Rick Eldridge in August 2009 as a production services and distribution management company. Business offices are located in Charlotte, North Carolina, with representation and offices in Santa Monica, California. CEO Rick Eldridge has been in the entertainment business for over 35 years as a producer, director, musician and creative visionary. The company now has over 100 titles under management comprised of feature film, television programming and digital media.