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Rediscover the power of human connection and community in 'Built to Belong' | 130 Agency

Rediscover the power of human connection and community in ‘Built to Belong’

July 27, 2021

Discovering the Power of Community Over Competition
By Natalie Franke
We must value connection as though our life depends on it… because it does.
NASHVILLE, TN—July 27, 2021—Ask anyone 2020 was a year that changed everyone. We went from working in offices, going out to eat, attending concerts to living, working and eating all at home. Our lives became very siloed even though we all hyper connected via every device we owned, yet something was missing. What we have realized is that the need authentic and unique connections others and is essential now more than ever.
Natalie Franke is a nationally recognized community builder and co-founder of the Rising Tide Society, an alliance of over 70K small business owners who gather in the spirit of community over competition. Natalie also serves as the Head of Community for HoneyBook, and has been featured in the New York Times, NPR, and Southern Living Magazine.
In her new book, BUILT TO BELONG (Worthy, August 24, 2021, ISBN: 978) Natalie details the power of the human connection, and how each of us, despite any odds against us, are truly built to belong together.
Natalie shares her story of longing for connection in the chaos and lessons learned on her journey to true belonging. Together we’ll uncover how to:
  • Kick scroll-induced jealousy to the curb and transform the way that social media makes you feel about yourself and others
  • Overcome loneliness by finding your people and cultivating true community in your personal and professional world
  • Strike the balance between camaraderie and competition so that you can live a deeply fulfilled and joyful life
  • Human beings are not highlight reels—we’re done fanning the flames of comparison, drowning in our insecurities, and being pitted against one another. We’re saying no to the endless rat race of getting ahead and goodbye to the narratives that leave us feeling left out and alone.
Are you interested in setting up an interview with Natalie on how as a society we can learn how
to embrace community again in a post-pandemic world?
For interviews, contact: Monique Sondag, Monique@130a.com, 214-536-4319