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Spanish-language devotional 'Primeros15' launches its own podcast | 130 Agency Spanish-language devotional 'Primeros15' launches its own podcast | 130 Agency

Spanish-language devotional ‘Primeros15’ launches its own podcast

April 6, 2021

First15 Expands Its Presence in Multilingual Devotionals
DALLAS – April 6, 2021 – From First15, the daily devotional downloaded over 7 million times, comes Primeros15 – a daily podcast to encourage Spanish-speaking communities around the world.
“We believe there is a great need for resources in Spanish that highlight God’s desire for relationship with us, rather than simply religious obligation,” said First15 CEO and founder Craig Denison. “We’ve heard countless stories over the years of how the First15 podcast has played an impactful role in people’s lives and walk with God, so we are confident the Primeros15 podcast will be incredibly meaningful as well.”
First15 offers online and printed 15-minute devotionals accessed monthly by 1.8 million people. Each of the 365 days of devotions, includes a scripture, music video from a worship artist performing a song that ties into the theme of that month’s devotional, and an exhorting message.
Primeros15 has been part of the First15 brand for a number of years, offering a written, Spanish-language version of the daily podcast on the First15 website. However, the desire has long been to create and distribute a podcast version.
“This is a first step into multilingual devotionals,” Denison said. “It’s our hope that we can encourage people in more languages around the world.”
The Primeros15 podcast launched Friday and is available now.
Another recent initiative is First15 Worship, the music venture from First15 offering songs specifically designed for the believer’s daily time in God’s presence, including The Invitation, their first, five-song worship EP.
“As believers, we want a real connection with God every day, not just on Sunday,” Denison said. “We want the peace and passion that comes from living with God, not for God. But finding an abiding connection with God in the busyness of everyday life isn’t easy, especially on our own.
“Through First15 we’re already helping more than a million believers around the world begin their day with God,” he continued. “And now with The Invitation, we’re creating worship for the weekday to help you find and keep a meaningful connection with your Creator.”
First15 is a daily devotional that seeks to provide believers of all backgrounds with a unique experience with God in the first 15 minutes of their day. Reaching 1.8 million readers monthly, the daily devotional is available at First15.org and via the First15 app. First15 seeks to help readers have an encounter with God that leads them to a sincere search to love God and others.
Craig Denison also serves as CEO of Denison Ministries, whose brands include Denison Forum, First15 and Christian Parenting.
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