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Valentines Gifts that Last 100 Years

February 7, 2018

FORT WORTH, Texas – With just a week until the big day, Saddleback Leather Co.’s Dave Munson–known for his 100-year warranties–has some advice for long marriages.

“Before you do anything, buy the book Love and Respect,” said Munson, Saddleback’s founder. “It fixed most of what was wrong in my marriage, and now we’re reading it again. Seriously, read it with your Valentine, see love and happiness flood in, and then check out our Valentine’s gift guide.”

This advice comes via Saddleback Leather Co. leader, where one eye laser-focuses on unique, excellent products, and the other flashes a twinkle. Where else does the Valentine’s Day gift guide cover the spectrum from young and unmarried to octogenarian couples?

(Or as Munson puts it: “From single to nearly dead.”)

And where else does the lineup of leather gifts include . . .

  • Purses, totes, bags,briefcases? Check.
  • Necklaces? Check.
  • Dog leash? Got it.
  • Leather-clad “man soap”? Duh.
  • Leather coffin: What?!?

Yes, all of the above and more.

This year, Saddleback’s gift prices from $10 (a book on The FIve Love Languages) to $899 for a finest-anywhere leather duffle bag. Remaining gifts strike pretty much every price point between. (Remember: every leather product comes with a 100-year warranty, even the $25,000 leather coffin. And yes, Dave has a coffin for himself.)

The Saddleback Story

If you don’t yet know the Saddleback story, it’s worth a quick recap.

Dave Munson was a volunteer English teacher living in southern Mexico and needing a good leather bag. So he designed one and had it locally made. After that, wherever he went, people who saw it wanted one like it. In 1999, living in Mexico, Dave oversaw production of the next lot of bags, and sold them in El Paso and on eBay. By 2003, with sales booming and both branches of his young family pitching in, Saddleback Leather Co. was born.

Today, more than 260 employees in Fort Worth and in Leon, Mexico craft Saddleback’s wide range of bags, backpacks, briefcases and accessories. Even the tagline exudes the now-famous saddleback spirit: “They’ll fight over it when you’re dead.”

One more thing: The book that changed the Munson’s married life—Love and Respect—is in the gift guide, too.

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