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YOUR iPHONE SAFETY--IN THREE CASES: Saddleback Leather Debuts Three iPhone Cases That Grip Better, Insulate Longer, Drop Less | 130 Agency

YOUR iPHONE SAFETY–IN THREE CASES: Saddleback Leather Debuts Three iPhone Cases That Grip Better, Insulate Longer, Drop Less

December 7, 2017

FORT WORTH, Tex. – Standard iPhone cases protect phones after they fall. The falls end, however—and insulation and grip improve—as Saddleback Leather debuts not one but three cases in its first-ever iPhone line.

Coming January 2018, “The Photographer’s Case,” “The Handsfree Sandal,” and “The Slim Molded Case”—emphasizing sure grip, ready access, and sleek design, respectively—are available both separately and in a set (to match iPhones to activities, case by case).

“Until now, you kept your phone case until it wore out or got beat up,” Dave Munson, Saddleback Leather Company founder and head said. (Munson himself designed and beta tested the new covers.) “But these cases don’t wear out,” he said, speaking of the quality peculiar to good leather. “They just get better looking.

Long life and beautiful aging also stoke the Saddleback legend. All three new cases feature sturdy, shock-absorbent and insulating full-grain leather for protection and longer battery charge in cold weather. All three carry the Saddleback Leather 100-year warranty. Each one also reflects well on its owner. “When I go through TSA or the grocery store, I get, ‘That’s a really cool case,’” Munson said. “The longer you have it, the more compliments you get.”

“The Photographer’s Case”–Munson’s “accidental stroke of genius”–sports tough, rounded corners for a fast hold. It was beta tested in knee-deep mud on an island near Somalia. “The grip was so fixed that, slogging away, with one hand, I could videotape from the case with no fear of its dropping,” Munson reports.

Travelers, moms, and, say, conference-goers, will exhale to see “The Handsfree Sandal” secure an iPhone in four simple loops on a hardback worn from the neck by leather strap. Quick access means one-handed use with a bag, a baby, a clipboard–and, again, no droppage. No “oops,” no “Where’d I put my phone?”

For less arduous work days, the thin, minimalist’s solid-leather “Slim Molded Case” slides smoothly, unnoticeably, into slacks pockets and suit jackets.

iPhone 7’s and 8’s fit all three new Saddleback Leather iPhone covers; the new iPhone X, or 10, fits two.

“These cases aren’t mass produced and shipped in from overseas on containers,” Munson says. “They are beautifully handmade by our own long-time factory workers–at a site in Mexico that is changing workers’ lives and, we hope, how America does business across the border.”

About Saddleback Leather

Saddleback Leather, with headquarters in Ft. Worth and a factory in León, Mexico, is a people company painstakingly crafting leather and canvas goods. One byproduct is intense customer loyalty. Under Saddleback’s motto “They’ll fight over it when you’re dead,” every design comes with a 100-year warranty. Meanwhile Saddleback supports myriad good causes, from providing free childcare for all employees at the León factory to supporting children in Rwanda.